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I'm watching the first couple of episodes right now, and so far so good! :)
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Our songfic opens up at a nighttime concert taking place at the Forest Bowl in the Evergreen Forest, where Bert and Lisa have just finished performing a song together. The audience applauds as the Raccoon couple heads offstage, and Ingrid Bellamour steps up and takes the mic.

INGRID: Wow, those two are a perfect couple! And speaking of perfect couples, our next performance includes a purr-fect couple who you may know as arguably the world's two most famous feline detectives. Please welcome Super Snooper and his wife Jenny Snooper!

The audience applauds and cheers as the famous feline detective duo Super Snooper and his wife Jenny Snooper make their way onstage. Snooper is wearing a black tuxedo complete with a black bowtie, while Jenny is wearing a lavender long-sleeve dress.  

SNOOPER: Hi, everyone. For this one, we'd like to sing a song from one of our favorite musicals.

JENNY: The song is "It Takes Two" from "Into The Woods".

The audience applauds as Ingrid hands them two separate mikes of their own and the cat couple begins to sing.

JENNY: (singing)
You've changed
You're daring
You're different in the woods

More sure
More sharing
You're getting us through the woods

If you could see
You're not the man who started
And much more open-hearted
Than I knew you to be

SNOOPER: (singing)
It takes two
I thought one was enough
It's not true
It takes two of us

You came through
When the journey was rough
It took you
It took two of us

It takes care
It takes patience and fear and despair
To change
Though you swear
To change
Who can tell if you do?
It takes two

JENNY: (singing)
You've changed
You're thriving
There's something about the woods

Not just surviving
You're blossoming in the woods

At home I'd fear
We'd stay the same forever
And then, out here
You're passionate, charming, considerate, clever!

SNOOPER: (singing)
It takes one
To begin, but then once you've begun
It takes two of you!

It's no fun
But what needs to be done you can do
When there's two of you!

If I'd dare
It's because I'm becoming aware of us
As a pair of us
Each accepting a share
Of what's there!

We've changed!
We're strangers!
I'm meeting you in the woods!

Who minds what dangers?
I know we'll get past the woods!

And once we're past
Let's hope the changes last!

Beyond woods
Beyond witches and slippers and hoods
Just the two of us!

Beyond lies
Safe at home with our beautiful prize
Just the few of us!

It takes trust
It takes just a bit more and we're done!

We want four, we had none
We've got three!
We need one!
It takes two!

Snooper and Jenny hug each other and kiss each other deeply on the lips after they finish their song. The audience applauds and cheers as the cat couple let go with loving smiles and bow deeply to audience. They hand their mikes back to Ingrid and wave to the audience as they depart.

INGRID: Wow, those two really ARE a purr-fect couple!

The audience laughs warmly as the songfic draws to a close.

Snooper and Jenny's It Takes Two Songfic
In this songfic, Super Snooper and his wife Jenny Snooper sing one of my favorite songs from one of my all-time favorite musicals! :D

Enjoy! ;)

The Raccoons (C) Skywriter Media and Entertainment Group
Super Snooper (C) Hanna-Barbera
Jenny Snooper (C) :iconjenny-87:

UPDATE: :iconjose-ramiro: has given me permission to use one of his Snooper & Jenny pictures as the preview image. So please do NOT accuse me of art theft.
Today's the day Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger comes out on DVD! I can't wait to get it! :happybounce: 

P.S. Check this out!:…
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Just found out from :iconkbafourthtime: that singer Lesley Gore, who you may remember for her hit song "It's My Party" (and, of course, its sequel song "Judy's Turn To Cry"), has just died! :(…

Rest in peace, Lesley Gore. Now it's OUR turn to cry for YOU. :pray:
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Taylor Charles Kerekes
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Personal Quote: "Where there's a will, there's a way."

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  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: The Four Seasons' "Oh, What A Night"
  • Drinking: 7-Up

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